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The success of your enterprise is mainly determined by one factor: The human factor - your employees. Their ideas, engagement and motivation, the – sometimes latent - potential of your employees is the key to success for your organization today, and it constitutes an enormous potential for future economic growth! If you invest effectively in the development of your employees and their qualifications and motivations, this will pay off in multiple ways.


DNLA – Discovering & Developing Natural Latent Abilities is the instrument of choice, for all functions, challenges and demands of modern HR management.

Helping individuals and organizations alike to (re-)rediscover, to assess and to access their full potential; and helping you to bring the right people, in the right mindset and with all their motivation, ideas and qualification in the right place, that´s what we achieve.


Success that you can see, feel – and measure!

The range of applications for the DNLA tools and –services is broad. Virtually everywhere, where people aspire to achieve a common goal and where they work together to achieve their individual and corporate goals, DNLA is a valuable module, helping them to do so successfully.

Here, we have compiled a short description of typical projects, applications and users of the DNLA approach.  Click on each box to learn more about the topics described there.


...and all these combined in one integrated approach, aiming for sustainable organizational development, contribute to our overarching concept, the DNLA HR Balance Sheet – HR development at the highest level.




DNLA - Discovering Natural Latent Abilitie