The basic principles and philosophy of DNLA

1. "Businesses don´t create value - people do!"

Think about it:

What (or: Who!)´s the source of good products and innovations?

What can a perfect strategy achieve - if it is not put into practice?

What can planning and organizational change achieve - if employees oppose it?

How much of the effect of marketing and advertising will be lost, if the "fact to the customer"- contact is a disappointing experience?


2. "There is potential in everyone!"

With DNLA, we help to identify potential

We create (self-)awareness, and we encourage dialogue

We have a deep respect for the human being

and we want to create value: For both, organizations and private citizens


3. Bringing the right people to the right place with the right mindset

This may sound trivial - but it is an enormous task, and an ongoing challenge. If you succeed - the company will be a model organization for others in the industry. Employees and managers alike will be able to put all their potential to work, and turn it into performance.
People will be happy, motivated, willing and able to do a brilliant job. This will reflect in the organization´s well-being and economic perspective

With the DNLA HR Balance Sheet, today, we are in the position to provide you with precise, research- and benchmark-based-analysis and with effective development programmes not only for individual employees or executives, and not just for groups, for teams and for departments, but we are able to integrate all these measures into an overarching approach - the DNLA HR Balance Sheet! - a concept, which is, in this form, unique, and immensely valuable!

With DNLA...

...we aspire to inspire!

DNLA - Discovering Natural Latent Abilitie